Monday, March 19, 2007

socially conscious spending

i went to this shop called amani on the weekend. although you cannot yet shop online, check out the website if you like. most of their stuff is not on it, but their basics are and i enjoy them. i bought a handbag and although it was overpriced for kenyan standards, i felt good spending money on yet another bag and supporting a women's sewing project.

it made me think that i need to be creative in whatever job i do. and not just think of new ways of doing something but actually making things. sewing. kniting. crafting. baking. creating.

just a small thought on a rather quiet and melancholy weekend full of too many big thoughts.


kels said...

i totally can relate to the need to create things, i love to do that as well. i am a "maker"...i love to knit, make jewelery and i am hoping to start sewing soon. it just seems that sometimes there is not enough time in my days to actually get to do those things!

Anonymous said...

Creating! I think I'm creating and crafting my new master piece: Gaby's life in Canada, just like a piece of clay wich was given to me since I got here, sometimes takes a nice shape, other times I really don't know how does it looks like, but anyway, its art! And talking about doing something new.. I think I'm going to kensington to buy a set of colors and a book so I can start painting now.

lu said...

i would love to sew as well! and to quilt. and that is not even a joke, just think of all of the things you could make with old fabric!