Monday, October 31, 2005

wish i had a pumpkin

happy hallowe'en to everyone who will be handing out candy to little trick or treaters today.

part of my day was spent solving the mystery of the missing dishes.

seriously, is it so difficult to wash something after you have used it?!

communal living...sheesh.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

tartan is the new black

it is nice when you can return to a place after a busy weekend of travelling and feel like you are back home. my room, although rather untidy right now, is my own and i love it here.

edinburgh is now on my list of favourite cities and i will go back again, the atmosphere is fantastic and the streets are so pretty. the new parliament is a bit out of place, but right across the street the grounds of holyrood palace were pretty impressive. the lady in charge has things running smoothly around there and you can buy the most hilarious post cards of the royal family in the giftshop, i couldn't resist.

we went on a ghost tour that was not so spooky and visited the grand old castle, drank whiskey, ate haggis, drank beer, and crashed an irish stag. i hope my photos do the weekend justice, although you never can capture entirely the most hilarous moments or the best story i have to tell in awhile.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

watching the sheep pass by while being served afternoon tea

i rode 1st class in a train today. couldn't help but love it. so posh, so luxurious. unlike the other people in my carriage i did not whip out my camera and start snapping photos, but i would be lying if i said i wasn't tempted. i also got myself a mobile phone so i can work on my text messaging skills so they will really accept me as one of their own around here. i have never in my life seen people text messaging like i have in the uk. in lectures, in the library, while walking, while driving, while on the bus, while out to dinner...

but now i am officially part of the richard branson world takeover. i tried to avoid it, but it was next to impossible.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

86 years worth of things to know

i hope that when i am 86, people want to listen to me and learn about all the things that i hope to know. sad really, when other, younger people discount that you have so much to share.

my nana is 86 and she is full of fantastic 86 year old thoughts and knowledge and i have only really started to get to know her. i don't know why visting and saying good bye makes me so sad when i have only ever met her a handful of times in my life. i hope to learn something from her in the course of the next year and to create something lasting.

i was thinking i could write her a letter or card now and again and show up with a new novel or her favourite biscuits. just because someone cannot hear does not mean they cannot read a nice handwritten letter. and who doesn't love a little mail now and again? i know i do!

Monday, October 24, 2005

a test of sorts

it is true i know a lot of things, but i have learnt many more in the last 3 weeks. all relative to moving out, living in another country, and starting something that does not end with any lasting guarantee. exciting really, and still just the beginning...