Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ginger snap!

i baked ginger snaps last night and they were truly delicious. this baking kick i am on lately makes me want to open a bakery. those crave ladies are really on to something and i think it would be so much more rewarding to work for yourself. but international development isn't really welcoming to the entrepreneurial spirit. actually sometimes i think it kills your spirit instead of inspiring any new ideas.

whoops, let a bit of frustration slip out there.

my answer to the question Should HPV vaccinations be extended to young men? is yes. i understand the reasons behind not approving a vaccination without first testing it among the population that will use it, but how does anyone expect to stop the transmission of a sexually transmitted disease if both genders are not targeted? just seems silly. and why do women have to be the ones who have the vaccine? we get another poke or cancer, just doesn't seem fair. but a vaccine for hpv, which causes cervical cancer, i give that two thumbs up.

i am wearing linen pants today for perhaps the first time in my life. and how is it that i have not discovered the beauty of linen before now?! they are like pyjamas. at work. pyjamas at work!

this past weekend i went horseback riding. thought i should mention that. loved it. want to go back. i forgot how much i love being on horseback. when i am rich and famous or marry someone rich and famous, i will spend my fortune on horses. and eradicating guinea worm. it would be a nice existence.


kristen said...

for those of us who are wrinkle phobic, the thought of linen pants makes us shudder. SHUDDER. Seriously, i feel a little wrinkly just thinking about them.

Amie said...

I agree with Kristen about the wrinkle factor of linen, but last time I was in Ghana I wore this one pair of tan linen pants everywhere! They were great - easy to dry and due to the khaki colour you couldn't really see the dust.
Enjoy your visit with your family - that is so exciting! - and if we move to Halifax (which it seems as though we might) you are always welcome for a visit :)