Friday, March 16, 2007

fresh batch of undies

last night i had written something to post today and then i forgot it at home on a flashdisk. i also forgot my phone, which makes me feel liberated and out of touch at the same time. i think i was flustered with the presence of a half dressed german in my kitchen this morning, eating my grapefruit over the kitchen sink.

instead i will post about the package i just received in the mail. oh how i love mail. this time my package included the following:

  • new jann arden cd (where did she go? there is like half of her left but she does look damn good)
  • 3 pairs of comfy knickers a la old navy
  • 2 dip mixes (right in time for a potluck dinner party that i am hosting tonight)
  • a letter from una desmadre mexicana (jaja, ya sabes que es broma)
  • a nice note from my mama

un mil gracias!

1 comment:

thephoenixnyc said...

Jeez, all I ever get in the post are bills.