Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the mean streets of nairobi

i went for a run last night. and i am pretty sure that i left part of my lung on the road. it was that tough. i couldn't get my pace right and i think it had something to do with the music choice, i went too fast too soon and paid for it on my way back in.

i also think i should invest in some running shorts/capris that are little longer as the length of my shorts might be considered indecent. but i just get too hot in my long pants. too bad there is not a winner's in a thousand mile radius. (i have no idea how far a thousand miles actually is, it could be somewhere in mali or the midwestern us for all i know, but it seemed like the appropriate expression to use there).

as i was running i was thinking about how the running room-ers in calgary yell out all the potential dangers on the pathways - 'bike,' 'ice,' 'dog,' 'pole,' 'curb.' then i thought how hilarious it would be if i yelled out all the potential dangers on my runs (and not just because i run alone and that in itself would be even more indecent than the length of my shorts) - 'armed soldier,' 'potentially rabid dog,' 'speeding semi truck,' 'ditch filled with stagnant water,' 'smoke from burning garbage,' 'exhaust,' 'crumbling speed bump,' 'rocks and other debris,' 'setting sun.'


Sara said...

haha, i can just see you yelling out dangers to yourself. and i am all for short shorts to run in. i love wearing tanks and shorts to run instead of pants. yuck!
i once thought the yelling at the running room was ridiculous until i saw a girl wipe out on a curb. i mean who doesnt watch where they are running, but she fell pretty bad....i have a new apprciation for the danger warning.

kristen said...

in my neighbourhood it would be: used condom! drug dealer! "change for some coffee...please....please" lady! religious rant man! POLITICIAN!

I run in light weight capris...i find them very comfortable and not too hot.

lu said...

where on earth (or should i say ottawa?) are you living?! sounds like a really nice neighbourhood.

lightweight capris is exactly what i need. what i need more is a store that sells them in this city for less than the equivalent of $100.

happy running!

kristen said...

i'm there are weird things and weirder people everywhere.