Tuesday, March 20, 2007

by hand from scratch

(march 16, 2007)

i watched a movie called Between Strangers tonight and it was so nice to watch something that takes place in canada and is not simply filmed in our country with our cities acting as stand-ins for their american counterparts. they talked about the Gardiner and at one point they were in a Chapters store. it really made me think about how canadians don’t see themselves represented on the big screen and i wonder if this has something to do with our identity and all the criticisms we fend off about not having much of one. did anybody see The Republic of Love? another good canadian movie based on the Carol Shields book of the same name.

i made minestrone by hand from scratch and it turned out marvellously. but let me offer a cooking tip here: use good noodles even if you are going to be putting them into a soup. i didn’t get the good ones cause i figured it would not make much difference as they would only be an element of the larger whole. should have used the good noodles. i will serve this soup tomorrow at my potluck dinner party along with mangolicious tilapia. not sure if they really go together. but i also drink red wine with everything even if white would be more ‘appropriate’ so what do i care. now if only those mangoes would hurry up and ripen.

i managed to redeem my god awful run of tuesday evening with a shorter but much stronger run this evening. i am still going too fast to lengthen my runs to anything over 45 minutes comfortably. gotta work on that. but i was feeling good and my lungs didn’t feel like they were bleeding this time. you know what sucks? when you are hoofing it up a hill and out of nowhere a kenyan who is clearly on their way home from work, sporting their work clothes, non-running shoes, and their kenyan style umbrella* in their hand merrily passing you with their sprightly steps without even breaking a sweat.

i received The Kooks cd in the mail over a month ago and i have only really given it a proper listen this evening. good stuff. very good stuff. end-to-end cd listening good stuff.

i just realised that every single paragraph i have just written began with i. mmm… i suppose that confirms the opinion that blogs are really just little soapboxes that we can use to talk about ourselves in a rather narcissistic manner. or ramble on about your daily activities assuming someone will take the time to read about movies you’ve watched, things you’ve cooked, runs you’ve redeemed, and music you’ve listen to.

*kenyan style umbrella = similar to a golf umbrella in size and seems to be the only type of brelly sold in this country

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kristen said...

just think of what must be going through the sprightly-stepped kenyan's head as he sees you. probably something about us crazy whiteys and how we clearly aren't made for the running.