Thursday, March 29, 2007

oh, we're gonna laugh!

"am I excited you ask? well, does a butterfly taste with its feet? do you have maternity binskies? does a kick in the balls hurt? the answer is yes, if you were wondering."

"i just saw an account at work with the name Mr. and Mrs. Balls. hahahahaha. i would NOT change my name if that was my husband's name. how do you even say your name seriously. 'table for Mr.Balls. that's b-a-l-l-s. BALLS.'"


Sara said...

hahaha. mr. balls. i am still laughing about it. with many laughs to come in the next few weeks.
see you tomorrow...holy crap i just realized i will see you tomorrow.
ahhhh, how will i ever sleep.

thephoenixnyc said...

I saw a show on HBO yesterday. Kim Basinger was seeinga Doctor for her oanic disorder.

His name was Jogn Doctor

He was Dr. Doctor - LOL

Taylor said...

HA! I actually used to work for a woman named Mrs. Butt. And her husband? Harry Butt. Seriously. And the worst part was, Harold was his second name and he actually CHOSE to go through life as Harry Butt.

K said...

I actually saw a doctor called Dr. Doctor. He was an allergist...his father was an allergist...not sure if his grandfather was a doctor, but with a name like that, it seems like a good career choice.

lu-i hope your visit is going well!

frodge said...

Imagine if your last name was Sac and you opted for a hyphened name?


frodge said...

Also, in thailand there was doctor pornsac