Tuesday, March 27, 2007

not that i'm counting

3 sleeps until my sister arrives.
4 sleeps until the rest of the fam arrives.
5 sleeps until i can eat chocolate.


kristen said...

so you're just doing a 40 days for lent rather than following the christian lenten season? because i just got really excited for a second when i saw 5 days because I thought it meant that i was 5 days away from coffee...but alas, another week...(though i accidentally started a few days late)

lu said...

yeah just the 40 days. it was more about giving something up and proving i could do it rather than anything jesus-related.

but guess what? i accidently ate chocolate because i was starving and picked up a hob nob that had CHOCOLATE on the top of it. oh well, now it is all about self-forgiveness and only 4 more days.

seriously, you gave up coffee? brave woman.