Thursday, March 08, 2007

playing catch up

i feel as though my life is getting away from me and i am struggling to catch up to it. for someone who likes to have some level of control over things, this is a titch unsettling.

between my current workload, waiting to hear about a contract extension, the job search, house guests, lack of sleep, a missed french class, a day off work, spending money on taxis, taxis, and more taxis, and feeling like a sausage - i need to rebalance.

i had spent a few weeks trying to rebalance only to be right back where i started. well, i am a lot less hung over this friday than i was last friday so i suppose that is something. nothing like having to leave work due to a creeping hang over.

so let the rebalancing begin. or start again.


Sara said...

at first i thought you meant you wanted to eat a sausage....then i understood, because you wanting to eat a sausage would mean there is something seriously wrong!
i hope your day is going better and the weekend brings you rejuvination...not in the booze induced kind, but the relaxing re-org kind.
and think, only 3 weeks until we are there. xo

K said...

have a good weekend. i hope you can take some time for yourself. perhaps some tea?

kels said...

hi lu...yeah i know how you feel, i too feel like work has taken over lately and all the things i love to do and all the people i want to see take a back seat and then i begin to realize that finding the balance is hard but necessary...siiiiigh

Anonymous said...

Anything similar to my life stage in Canada! Wow! I can tell about this funny feeling of having to make some mexican tortillas here in Canada! and wait to get paid!
Beside my extensively and deep job search, trying to figure out first how to get my job permit!and dealing with a Korean job offer! this week was kind of weird for me. Well I hope you enjoy your weekend and relax a bit. Mmmm by the way.. what kind of sausage you felt as?.. there's a big difference between them! A mild italian, pork or beef, hot italian, kosher maybe? =) Take Care!

kels said...

hey lady where are you? are we still for thursday?