Monday, March 05, 2007

in 1 weekend

2: house guests
7: bags of mini cheddars delivered
10: episodes of grey's anatomy
3: consecutive nights of late nights
1: lunar eclipse
7: kilometres driven on roads that demanded a 4x4, in a car
4: girls in pyjamas sitting around watching izzy and meredith and yang around 1 laptop
1: encounter with the coup
0: clever things i could think of to say to the coup
2: naps needed
1: possible self-induced illness
30: minutes before i had to be at work that i rolled out of bed on monday morning


Leigh Anne said...

I finally caught 2 episodes of Greys last night on our tv with wonky sound (it kinda sounds like Charlie Brown's Mom, wah-wah, wah)...they were so old, but I didn't really care. Either way it was comforting to get wrapped up in the world of McDreamy again!

lu said...

make that

20: episodes of grey's anatomy