Wednesday, January 31, 2007

bring on the YEAR OF GOODNESS

so far, 26 has been the YEAR OF GOODNESS. haha, thanks for the great motto for the coming year kels. sort of like the chinese years. they have the year of the dog, we have the YEAR OF GOODNESS.

i was woken up (after turning off 2 alarms) by my family calling. highlights from the conversation - well, being woken up by home when i didn't feel like getting out of bed, attempting to think in spanish after having been woken up (oh dear), 'i hope that conroy doesn't become captain. have you seen a rhino yet?' and 'and i wanted to mention, happy birthday' (brothers, gotta love them).

i was late for work and didn't even rush after having made some juice with the fruit i had in my house (ok so it sorta smelled like feet, but i love to blend things in the morning). i got an email from cirque du soleil wishing me a happy birthday and 2 emails that made me laugh out loud and only one of them had naked pictures in it. of me. but it was a photoshopped birthday joke so don't get your panties in a knot that i am establishing a career on the www.

the article i wrote was published in the u of c alumni magazine which you can read here (and let me preface it by saying i am not pregnant, contrary to the photo, and i was standing on a hill and was not exercising my best posture).


kristen said...

Great article!
Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy the day's fresh produce, see a rhino and have a great start to your year of goodness.
Hopefully my card will arrive sometime in the next month...(I sent it mid-January)

kristen said...

oh and PS- I noticed you missed mentioning a KEY job in your professional development. I can't believe you skipped over that wonderful 3-4 month tenure as something that was important to mention in the article....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lara! We hope you have a wonderful day to celebrate your birhtday. Love Aunt Linda, Uncle Michael & Kayla.