Tuesday, January 16, 2007

natural high

that song 'i'm so excited, i just can't hide it, i'm about to lose control and i think i like it... i know, i know, i know i want you. want you' makes me want to dance on a wednesday morning.

'i want to love you feel you, wrap myself around you...' seriously, dancing in my chair here.

i might be drinking too much coffee lately. or i have been naturally hyper this week. yesterday morning i woke up at 6am and went for a run (freaking altitude - i feel like such a light weight running in kenya) and then last night i changed all the light bulbs in my flat that were burnt out, made today's lunch, knit half a mitten while watching The Departed (i give it 1 thumb up, but i give pirated copies of new movies 2 thumbs up), and painted a table. as i didn't have anything like paint thinner to get the paint off my hands afterwards, i am still covered in white. good thing i don't have any important meetings today.

i am also pleased to report that my skin looks less like an adolescent's these days. (no disrespect to my adolescent bros). and i have been informed that the prescription i have for antibiotics isn't even necessary and i can now just go back to the chemist and ask for another month of the drug. and i have been told to bargain on the price of the medication. so, no prescription and bargaining on the price. hmmm.... just another reason why international development doesn't work or a more efficient and streamlined system?

i have been considering lent again this year. as you may recall, i gave up chocolate for 40 days last year. as i write this, i am nibbling on some israeli chocolate treats compliments of the all-woman department i work in. my thoughts this year are to give up coffee (but i love coffee so much, it seems silly to deprive myself of one of the few liquids i consume), chocolate again (but this will obviously be tough with the above mentioned all-woman department), or follow a friend's suggestion and try out the anti-lent. smoke more, drink more, and eat more red meat. i am on board with all of those suggestions apart from the smoking and the red meat.

favourite quote from last weekend: 'for a cave, it is pretty clean.'

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Sara said...

that entire post made me giggle. i can just see you jumping off the walls.
and i am all for anti lent, do it all. and count me in! although this hangover i am dealing with right now makes me want to try alcohol for my lent. this is entirely not possible as i am drinking wine at every stop here!