Friday, January 12, 2007

there, that's better

the pink and white is refreshing. i was getting sick of looking at the black dots.

but i seem to have lost my map and counter. apparently, i can get it back somehow but don't have the patience to fight with blogger today. although i must say that blogger rarely puts up a good fight and is usually pretty easy to contend with. and the map never showed me in kenya anyways*.

i have had a headache the past few days. it could be a) dehydration, b) stress, c) staring at a computer screen, d) the burning garbage outside my window (again), or e) all of the above.

*can we talk about the use of the word 'anyways?' because i think that it is fine to pluralise it, but recently someone from another former british colony pointed out that canadians always say anyways when they say anyway. which is correct? grammar police, any ideas?


k said...

i'm pretty sure that "anyway" is the correct form....sorry.

(i like the new colours)

lu said...

i have retrieved the map.

still no kenya on it though.

even though my cousin (who has seeminly abandoned her blog!!) has me on her map. or maybe someone else in nairobi.

Manilagaboo! said...