Friday, January 26, 2007

3 more things

the maher arar settlement brings home the gravity of the situation.

i am obsessed with Ray LaMontagne, especially the song Empty.

this made me laugh. "See, this is why I won't let you have nice things. Because you won't let me grow majestic facial hair."


K said...

i hope the coup in guinea (which i didn't realize was so far from kenya until i looked at the map) ends quickly. perhaps by thursday?

the arar settlement has been in my thoughts as well. on one hand, i think he deserves all the money in the world for what he had to go through but on the other, all the money in the world can't change it so why bother? I guess it is better to be rich and traumatized than poor and traumatized? I really don't know.

anyway, i'm sure jordan longs for majestic facial hair.

Anonymous said...

yeah good on mayer for bringing the attention to all that, dude paved the way for sure in preventing future scandal,or so we can hope. can't help but think he's milkin the limelight at the same time, and needs to get on with his life. then again he probably just wants it all to be done with too. must be a f'd up emotional rollercoaster.

Anonymous said...

Maher, hit the wrong key, no disrespect

lu said...

wait a minute, i thought that he could grow majestic facial hair, in which case you should be allowed to have lots of nice things! including those not-so-sensible brown buckled boots...

and yes, wouldn't it be nice if the coup could be over and done by thursday. i will keep my fingers crossed but won't be holding my breath.

nice utilisation of the newfound proper use of 'anyway' although it still sounds strange, doesn't it?

lu said...

yeff, you are the least disrespectful dude i know. if you can decipher that double negative.

K said...

he can grow facial hair, i'm just not sure that it qualifies as majestic. he will be writing his comprehensive exams starting february 19th, so i have a feeling the facial hair will continue to grow well into march. perhaps at that point, it will be majestic.

lu said...

you who CAN grow majestic facial hair?

el bigote! haha

i love moustaches. well except the ones that come near me.

but i do appreciate me a good stache. jeff, that photo still makes me laugh.