Sunday, January 21, 2007

risky business

(january 21, 2007)

i would not consider myself a risk taker. but after a conversation i had today, i am beginning to reconsider. and maybe risks don’t feel like risks to the people who are taking them.

the conversation went like this:
‘once i tried to get a scorpion to sting by poking its back with a stick… once i threw rocks at a puff adder to see if it was in fact a snake… once i ran down the side of a volcano… once i used the men’s bathroom at a bull fight…’

‘you really have no sense of risk, do you?’

to me, bungee jumping and sky diving are unnecessary risks and i just don’t understand why that appeals to some people. but then i field questions about why i would choose to live in one of africa’s most notorious cities and i suppose that that is just as difficult to comprehend for some as throwing your self off a bridge attached by the ankle to a giant elastic band is to me.

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Joy said...

I would only ever consider skydiving if my plane was about to crash.
But remember, we did throw a stone at a poisonous snake once to see if it was still alive. Oops.