Friday, January 26, 2007

forced fun

in lieu of a christmas party, we are having a work new year party this afternoon and i am not thrilled about it. possibly because i just feel like going home and watching the rest of Blood Diamond (again, 2 thumbs up to excellent bootleg copies of movies) in my pyjamas due to the melancholy brought on by the coup in guinea. and apparently i have been signed up for the 'bun on a string' eating competition. sweet mother of god.

i think i am getting used to running at this altitude because i went for another run yesterday where i could just keep going and going. could have been the good tunes on my pod that kept me moving or the tension from a rather hectic week at work that needed to be burnt off. but i now have a rash right between my boobs because that is where i put my pod in its case when i run (if you have to wear a sports bra, you might as well carry stuff in it, is my thinking). not comfortable.

i had a full table for dinner last night and was happy to try out some new recipes on unsuspecting houseguests and friends, but everything turned out rather delicious and they were great at offering to help and allowing me to delegate tasks so i wasn't overwhelmed with chopping, blending, crushing, frying, boiling, sauteeing, soaking, and simmering. along with butternut squash, potato and leek soup is my new speciality.

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