Thursday, January 25, 2007

never a dull moment

i have been keeping a pretty full dance card as of late and when i am not calculating how much time i am earning myself in hell or questioning my morals, i have really been having fun. with all of them.

but just as soon as i decide that one of them might actually be the kind of person i would like to spend more of my time with, there has to be an attemped coup in guinea.

you see, a certain someone's exgirlfriend lives there and has fled the country only to end up in nairobi. i can't say i blame him since i would open my doors to exboyfriends fleeing social unrest but this attempted coup is really putting a damper on my weekend plans to go golfing.

i mean, how long do these things typically last? i am afraid i shouldn't hold my breath. as i told him, the most indecisive guy is asking the most impatient girl to wait and see. and that is not a promising situation. and if it is possible, i actually like him more because of the way he was upfront and honest about the whole thing. damn it.

just as i thought things were moving in the right direction there has to be a coup in guinea. who would have ever thought that african strongman politics would have such an impact on my social life?


t1ernd0g said...


(Comment unrelated to post it's attached to, but didn't know where else to put it...)

I'm your average random blog surfer, and I tripped over your blog via the "Next Blog" button.

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your writing. You describe things in such a way that it's easy to visualize things, and you make everyday, mundane things sound interesting. (Well, your being in Africa may have something to do with that...)

Keep up the good work!

lu said...

thanks for the complimentary words.

you're welcome anytime!