Friday, January 05, 2007

rocking the vote

in my morning newspaper scan i saw this about the upcoming year in canadian federal politics:

Harper’s cabinet overhaul comes as his government looks to launch a fresh approach to the environment — which polls show is a prominent issue among Canadians — and to bolster the Conservatives in what’s almost certainly an election year.

first of all, what does almost certainly mean? that is a style of journalism just as evasive as politics itself. second of all, i am not sure how i feel about the certainty of an election this year. it is no secret that i am not a fan of the conservative party, but they haven't done an absolutely abysmal job and what good will another election do? will any changes be made? will a majority be won? will people just be pissed off about the cost of a federal election?

regardless of what 2007 has in store for canadian politics, i will dutifully send in my ballot from where ever i am living like a good citizen of a democracy.

**ok, so i just typed the title of my post and then i thought, wait a minute, is 'rock the vote' supposed to sound like 'rock the boat'? then i thought, whoops, there went something else, flying well over my head for many years. sort of like the direction of the landing strip..., hey ladies?!

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Sara said...

hahaha. that was hilarious. the landing strip. you crack me up, i love how we needed to clarify that for you!
i don't really think they were after the same thing with the rock the vote, but maybe it went over my head as well, who knows.
and i agree, i really don't think we need another vote this year. maybe steve just wants to try his luck with dion.