Tuesday, April 14, 2009

theme-less list

  • i have two potential blind dates to look forward to. my dating advice? tell everyone you know that you are dating and that you are open to being set up.
  • time at the cabin was wonderful over the easter long weekend. reading books, preparing training materials, winning at monopoly (even though my opponents forfeited), drinking beer in the afternoon, sunburns, dog walks, podcasts, mmmmm...... delicious
  • i came into my office building this week to find all the windows painted to cheer on the flames and rogue pucks painted on the twirly doors. who doesn't love nhl playoff season?!
  • that billy bob thornton is an ass
  • that thailand better get these protests under control. don't they know i am coming?
  • my next spanish class is starting up this week. level 6, baby!
  • i may need to institute the indicator pants again...
  • i purchased a new pair of shoes made by a company called Blowfish. i am really enjoying them and although i cannot link to the exact pair i bought, they have this rather interestingly shaped heel that makes walking easy. now i do not look as though i might topple over when i wear heels (or hopefully i do not appear as unstable as i feel). and yes, they are leather.
  • anyone have any good recommendations (or suggestions on where to avoid) for a hotel in san francisco? (or does anyone want to join me? ahem!)
  • i am a sneezing machine lately, which i will take over the congestion any day.

UPDATE: there is a really good globe and mail column that makes an interesting comparison to the cbc and media in the states when interviewing celebrities, including billy the bob. article here.


La Cabeza Grande said...

My favorite San Francisco hotels have been The Metropolis (a boutique hotel near Union Square) and The W near SoMa and the Yerba Buena gardens.

When are you going?

lu said...

june 2 - 7! will you happen to be in the same city, at the same time?!

lu said...

oh, and thank you very much for those hotel suggestions, i haven't had a chance, but i will be looking into them.

La Cabeza Grande said...

Take a look at tripadvisor.com for the city you're visiting. I like their traveler-provided reviews.

As for being in SF, a girl can dream.

Kels said...

i love love love San Fran and if I was home I would definitely join you! I have some friends there I could ask about good hotels if you like...miss you