Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Late, Late Breakfast Show

i have known one of the improvisors in The Late, Late Breakfast Show since we were just wee. and let me tell you people, she is funny. and when i say funny, i mean she has been known to rap upon request, impersonate her mother (who i adore) with the most endearing voice ever, wear lampshades on her head when she is sober, and stuff an amazing amount of grapes in her mouth on a whim.

ok, so the last 2 were when we were 13 years old, but still.

her improv group is putting on their show next week (tuesday, april 28th - saturday, may 2nd) in calgary at the Birds and Stone Theatre at 8pm.

check out their website and then join me at the show for a laugh or two.

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