Sunday, April 26, 2009

mizuno creation

thanks to the expertise of heather, i got myself a new pair of shoes that will hopefully alleviate my bruised toe issues and make me go really, really fast.
they are also a neutral shoe and i have been running in a stabilising shoe, so i am curious to see how this affects my running and my foot/hip issues.

and by the way, heather ran the police half marathon today, so go over and say congratulations!


Heather said...

Thanks for the congrats!! And I'm glad you liked the shoes. (Am I on crack? I thought you got the riders? I'm probably on crack.)

lu said...

mmmm... are the ones in the photo the creation or the riders? whichever they are, i got them. but i could be wrong with their name!

lu said...

i am such a doofus - yes i got the RIDERS not the CREATION. either way, i am pretty sure they will make me go really, really fast.

well spotted heather!