Wednesday, April 08, 2009

mostly a working list

i realise that yesterday's post was a little heavy and not that that is against my blogging policies (not that i have any), i thought i would lighten up the mood around here with a list. because who doesn't love lists?!
  • there is a slight, tiny possibility that i could get dragged into a project my company is doing with a un agency in another country. and by slight, i mean, my boss asked me about something in the budget and i had an answer, so there is not much of a possibility at all, but at least i proved my worth about knowing something about why the project has gone sideways.
  • recently i had my desk and chair ergonomically assessed and it is making a world of difference. no problems with swollen thumbs or with achey shoulders now that my desk has been fitted to my size, my chair has been switched, and i have one of those pads to rest my wrists on as i type.
  • i get to plan our company's volunteering events for the united way of calgary this year, it will be a lot of work, but i think it will be great to be involved.
  • i booked my flight to thailand! i bet you didn't even know i was going, did you? well, i am. in june. for 3 weeks. with my top (amazing race) chum. it should be grand.
  • i've booked a hair cut for $35 and you can too, if you print off this coupon for a hair cut at swizzle sticks salon in calgary (as long as you've never been a client of theirs and can get in before april 30th)


k said...

$35 for a swizzle sticks hair cut is a heck of a deal. I went there for awhile...and paid quite a bit more than $35.

La Cabeza Grande said...

You are an amazing young woman, Lu! That is all.

lu said...

why thank you!