Wednesday, April 22, 2009

flames in 6

i had the opportunity to attend the first calgary flames home game of the playoffs in the third game of the first round of playoffs this past monday (thank you charlie!). it was awesome.

what made it so awesome was that i got to go with my brother, who was also rocking his skinny jeans, and that calgary won. it was a great game and i was totally impressed with the fans who did not boo during the american national anthem (as i had expected they would) and instead many actually sung along. it was nice to feel as though i was a part of something big and to see all the flaming black c's in the sea of red.

to fit in with the red, i actually had to run to jersey city on my way to the game to pick up a flames shirt (i know, this sort of makes me a bad fan, but what do i need a flames shirt for at any other time of the year? and my bro's jerseys are just far too large unless i belted them and wore tights).

what made the night not so nice was the belligerent and irritating fan sitting behind us who insisted on starting chants along the lines of 'suck my d*ck' and 'bull sh*t.' i think he missed the memo. the one that says that he should grow up and have some class. and that i will never give him a high 10, that one too.

the other elements of the night that i was not entirely impressed with were the boos directed towards the referees and linesmen as soon as they stepped on the ice (and then calgary fans wonder why we had crappy calls against our team during the first period...) and the stomach ache that i got immediately after eating a chocolate malt (i know, i know, when will i learn?).

go flames go!

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