Friday, April 03, 2009

it's all true

borrowed from this lady, here are 10 things about me that you may not have already known.

1 - most people are surprised to learn that by nature, i am an introvert and shy, sometimes painfully. although i do enjoy public speaking.

2 - things i love include writing, learning new cities, q tips, david suzuki, the smell of scotch tape, earl grey tea, chocolate fudge cake from nairobi java house, kofi annan, alberta beef, barack obama's smile, the smell of pine trees, music that almost makes you cry, going out for breakfast even though i don't like most breakfast foods, airports, novels, daytimers, creme brule, medium or dark roast black coffee, that feeling that you get two days after you've used your muscles, french red wine, tulips, buying clothes, and receiving mail both electronic and snail. that list is not exhaustive.

3 - i could tell my sister anything. while i wouldn't tell my brothers anything, i could be anyone or do anything with them.

4 - my recent love life reads like a soap opera drama. do you know anyone who actually went to an airport expecting someone to arrive only to find out they had never bought a ticket for the flight? well, now you do.

5 - i have really big feet for my size. i would quite like to trade them for a more user-friendly pair.

6 - i want to be famous. but not in the celebrity way. in the way that i am known for something. and i google myself regularly.

7 - my newest canadian hero is louise arbour. she will soon be the executive director of the International Crisis Group.

8 - i am neither a cat person nor a dog person, i am both. and i don't think you should have to choose between them. my dog has one eye and my cat sleeps on my bed every night. my brother says that although you are never supposed to talk about a girl's weight, my cat seems to have lost her waist line in recent years. that is also true.

9 - blueberries are my favourite berry.

10 - if i won the lottery, i would go back to uni and study my little heart out. i would also travel around the world, staying in the cheapest as well as the most luxurious hotels i could find. i'd drink san pelligrino exclusively and provide numerous microfinance loans to people in canada and abroad.


k said...

I was talking about your soap opera with a friend of mine and we have come to the conclusion that it would be perfect for a movie; starring Reese Witherspoon and Clive Owen.

I too have giant feet for my height, am both a cat and a dog person, and I google myself regularily (damn that reporter for the Salt Lake City Tribune that has stolen my name and ruins my google searches for myself). Maybe this is why we get along.

Spring feels weird without sending you mini eggs in the mail by the way. Maybe you will be the winner of my will be revealed later today.

lu said...

i would have NO objection whatsoever by being played by Reese!

i think it is so sweet that you thought of sending me mini eggs! those things were life savers in the lands of egglessness and mediocre eggness.

Sandra said...

My name is way too common for me to bother googling. Reese would be perfect to play you have to tell me the rest of the story:) I actually have a friend in Ghana (a Canadian volunteer there) who had a similar sounding experience except he was her husband and father of their nine year old son. Oh and he did it to her more than once. Grrrr to these kind of men.