Wednesday, April 22, 2009

have you seen my legs?

i am not sure what has gotten into me (well, there was that slight funk again last week), but i have been a bit of a running machine lately.

i accidentally ran 16.7km on saturday afternoon this past weekend. it was an accident because i only intended on running 14km, but took a wrong turn and wasn't exactly going to turn around after running 8km, so just kept going. it was awesome. the best part of it was that it was my muscles that were screaming and not my lungs during the tough bits of the run, meaning that my lungs are well accustomed to the altitude, dryness, and aerobic activity.

what makes me so impressed with myself is that i ran alone and didn't plan on it, just sort of did it. i have never been a very self-motivated runner, no matter what and how i have tried, so this was quite a feat.

and last night i ran 8km, a nice, easy 8km at that.

i am on a running roll. let's hope the running continues, but the funks stop.

and does anyone know any treatments for bruised toes? is this an indicator that i need new shoes? or a new pair of feet? ouch.


S said...

Awesome! No one should look at my legs lately; they are showing just how little running I've been doing lately. My experience has always been good running helps funks go away. (Logic would dictate, then, that I should run more.)

I think new feet are definitely the way to go.

Riena said...

new shoes, maybe a smidget longer

k said...

We could stop by the tech shop, visit my sister, and solicit some shoe advice after we breakfast on Saturday...we could do breakfast somewhere around there and then stop in at the store.

And nice work on the running!

Kels said...

i think that means you need bigger shoes...

good on you though, i have been finding it super hard to work out while on the road and am feeling rather blah because of it. i now feel inspired (and guilty) that i am so lame.

miss you and sorry that i bailed on msn!

lu said...

actually, it doesn't mean i need bigger shoes, maybe just new shoes. i've had them nearly a year so it is quite possible that they have lost their form. i tend to get sore toes when my distances increase (even if it is sort of unintentional!).

k, i would LOVE to stop by the tech shop and i bet your sister would have some info on my shoe issue. maybe we could eat at nelly's on 4th?

lu said...

amd i forgot to mention that i totally know what you mean kels. i always have such great intentions to stay fit and run while i am travelling, but rarely ever do. or if i do, it is not very effective.

but whenever i travel, i am a walking machine, which is much better than sitting at my (ergonomic) desk all day.