Monday, April 27, 2009

dream job

after a fun weekend full of visits with out of town visitors, i was compelled to work from home today to ensure that i am sufficiently prepared to deliver 2 presentations tomorrow.

one is going to be on project management in the developing world and has 73 people signed up as of this morning. sure, they might just be coming for the free lunch, but i don't want them to leave disappointed!

the other is going to be a 1 hour workshop on human trafficking, should have fewer than 30 people, and is material that i have presented many a time, so it is not nearly as nerve wracking as pretending to be an expert in the field of international development as well as project management. eek!

however, if i could find a job where i give presentations, write my thoughts, and format powerpoint presentations for money, i would be one happy lady. here are some of my favourite photos that i have included in my presentation.

until then, wish me luck tomorrow (and remind me not to wear the pants that have the fly that doesn't stay up!) and once this little hullabaloo is over, i will get back to more important things, like attending improv shows and trying out my new runners!


La Cabeza Grande said...

Fantastic photos! I have no doubt you will be terrific, Lu!

S said...

Good luck! And remember not to wear the pants with the fly that doesn't stay up.

Anonymous said...

i think your outfit will dazzle both your audiences and leave them wanting to know more....both about your topics and you!

lu said...

well, we all know it is always all about the perfect outfit (and shoes!).

both presentations went really well, thanks for all the well wishes (and reminders not to wear the pants with the bad fly!).