Monday, May 05, 2008


(april 28, 2008)

i have been missing in action since i arrived in south africa over a week ago, but i am sure you will forgive me as i don’t think i have relaxed like this since last summer. i have seen and done so much and thought many times, ‘oh, i should write about that,’ but then life got in the way and i would end up playing scrabble with a soldier, sharing a bottle of wine with new friends, eating meat, or been touring around and to be honest, was much happier than sitting in front of my laptop.

to be brief, i have, in the past week or so:

  • had a love actually-style, moderately obnoxious, very affectionate airport reunion
  • gone to an old car show, drank beer, and admired old south african men’s bellies (and they are a sight to behold)
  • roadtripped to the drakensberg mountains, which although i mocked, are a stunning range
  • hiked up to the top of a mini mountain, where we enjoyed beer and pretzels
  • kicked some irish south african butt at scrabble
  • found my new favourite south african coffee shop that reminds just enough of starbies, t ho’s, and second cup
  • consumed more chips than i have in the past year
  • ran for half an hour in the hilliest place ever
  • fought off a group of would-be muggers (not so much fought off as stood sort of clueless as you-know-who yelled and made a fuss so we could leave with all our bits)
  • toured battlefields of the boer war where i hiked through cow poo and long grasses for love
  • frozen my buns off and bought sheep skin slippers that are delicious
  • burnt my face and shoulders in the african sun
  • climbed up the voortrekker monument in pretoria and admired it in all its afrikaner-ness
  • poked not-so-nice fun at someone’s newfound fear of heights
  • overheard the delicious english
  • laughed a lot and made myself at home with the fam

and now i am off for more south african roadtrips, food, wine, and company!

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