Saturday, May 10, 2008

loose ends

isn’t it funny how as soon as you decide to leave a place, you begin to appreciate it more? i suppose that it is human nature (or at least my nature), but it doesn’t change the fact that i am ready to breeze out of here.

luckily for me, i get my ‘personal effects’ shipped to canada and although it is not a whole lot, i will manage to get my favourite baskets, rugs, and irreplaceable household things , Pieces of Art (i bought another! this time by a sudanese canadian artist and i love it so much that i want to marry it), most important books, and clothes and shoes (after a serious purge) in the shipment. i have been in talks with the movers and am planning on having an open house to get rid of all the other bits and bobs that i have collected. isn’t it amazing how much stuff you collect over a few year? anyone want to purchase some sheep skin rugs or patio furniture or a held-held mixer?

i am also giving my health insurance a run for its money and making sure i use up all my allowances as i have no guarantees when next someone will be paying for my specs or my teeth. the dental hygienist said i had ‘excellent oral health’ which made me so happy that i let a whopping ‘yes’ accompanied by a vigorous arm pump. or at least that is what i felt like doing.

it also amazes me how your social calendar fills up as soon as you decide to leave: i have been visiting with a friend just back from many months in darfur, sudan, you can imagine how fascinating that lunchtime conversation was; i spent my friday night playing board games with my flatmate at which i lost miserably; today i have lunch with a work colleague and friend and then dinner at a friend’s place where i am sure we will laugh a lot and get lost in italian translation; and if the rainy season cooperates, i will be going horseback riding this sunday afternoon in nairobi’s next-door forest.

one of my pet peeves is people updating their social calendars on their blogs like a laundry list, however, the moral of my story is that there is a lot i am leaving, but that i am very much ready to do it.


Dana said...


I am so impressed by everything you are doing right now!! AND, you did not look pregnant in that picture. AND, I miss having coffee with you. AND, I hope everything continues to go your way. Send me an email at the same old address when you get a second. I like starting sentences with AND, too.

lu said...


i will email you. where the hell have you been?! man alive, do i ever miss you too. ok, ok, i will email you.