Sunday, May 25, 2008

1 year

sometimes you meet people who are completely different than you, who are from a different place, a different culture, and have a very different perspective of the world. sometimes, you surprise yourself and everyone around you by welcoming such a person into your life and soon find that it was one of the easiest decisions you ever made.

one year ago today, i met a soldier who had arrived in kenya that very morning. and i don’t think either of us realised how one chance meeting and a peacock would affect our lives. between us we have been to 8 countries, lived 9 times zones apart, and spent a near fortune on text messages and long distance phone calls.

and now, 12 months later, i have 3 days in kenya, followed by 3 weeks in calgary before spending 3 months not only in the same time zone, not only in the same country, but in the very same flat with one of the most kind, generous people i have ever met.

and i can’t think of a better way to start our second year together.

a very happy one year wish to you. it will surely be the first of many.



La Cabeza Grande said...

Congratulations to you and your soldier! You both seem tres happy.

Anonymous said...

talk about a love letter!

kels said...

so happy for you both! it is pretty amazing to meet someone who affects you so deeply. it makes you never want to be apart. congrats!

Riena said...

One year already, Wow. Let me tell you from experience, it keeps getting better.

lu said...

asante sana! and rest assured, although shy, that lovely soldier has also read your comments and appreciates them.

Ibrahim said...

wow!! the two of you had better enjoy. congs. Keep the light burning.mambo zipi?

kristen said...

awww...that was so sweet.
and i love the way your eyes match.

soldier, i hope to meet you some seem to help her be so happy.

lu said...

i know, matchy matchy on the eyes!