Friday, May 09, 2008

i am going to miss martha

(may 8, 2008)

martha gives the best hour and a half pedicures. i had my last martha pedicure yesterday. paying more than ten dollars for a pedicure is going to be painful.

i am also going to miss the groundsmen at work who are always so happy to see you and who today i showed how to ‘talk’ with snapdragons. i walked into the office today listening to them say, ‘hello’ while pinching the flowers’ petals.

i will also miss fred and all the corner taxi guys who greet me in the morning and the askari davis who i say hi to every morning and evening on my ways to and from work.

i will miss passion fruit being perpetually in season, calla lilies available by the roadside, and some aspects of working within the machinery of the un.

however, there are a lot of things that i will not miss and that i will be happy to leave behind. including these flat-infesting, disease-spreading, ever-so-irritating mosquitos!


La Cabeza Grande said...

The order of your post tags amuses me: creepy crawly Kenya Nairobi. I removed the commas.

Yes, it's the little things that give the big things context. It's those things that, woven together, really define what your life has been like. Wrap them up in a bow for now, as there be greater adventures ahead.

K said...

Oh $10 can barely buy polish for that in this country. And you can tell that pedicures are expensive here when you look at my feet (man does running beat them up).

hehe...asparagus pee....