Monday, May 05, 2008

i am ready for this

(may 4, 2008)

wow, that was perhaps one of the best holidays i have ever had. it was as much about being in south africa as being with a certain someone who managed to organise the best trip that included just enough road tripping, sightseeing, relaxing, eating, and visiting. amazingly, we never felt too tired (except for those times that we had had a few too many glasses of south african wine or namibian beer and had to eat steak or éclairs in the morning to remedy the problem) and paced all of our mini adventures so we kept busy and time managed to slow... right... down, which pleased us just fine.

i got back in the early hours this morning and found my kitchen infested with bugs, including ants making a new hill in my sugar bowl (you give your housekeeper a week off in the rainy season and the bugs just take over) and you know what? i don’t really care.

i don’t care because i have approximately 4 weeks left in kenya and am ecstatic not about my departure (although a change is definitely in order) but about my arrival. if my plan stands, i will be making a brief stop in the hometown for wedding dress shopping (not mine, before you get your panties in a knot), hanging out with the fam, and general june enjoyment then heading to europe where i will be summering in germany.

i intend on finding some new hobbies, reading a lot of books, and getting used to living with a soldier who has to wear the scary uniform to work every day. somehow, i think it will be doable.


riena said...

No kidding, I'm sure it will be more then doable.

K said...

i almost DID get my panties in a knot.

i haven't read any other posts, but i've checked out the pictures and i could tell you had a great time.

summering in germany sounds divine. (and i wish i was stopping in the hometown soon...but alas)

lu said...

but you can get your panties in a knot about this - it is my sister's wedding dress that i get to shop for!!!!!!!!!!!

which is pretty damn exciting, if you ask me.

Petra H said...

Lu, thanks for your comment on my blog, I checked on wikipedia and it does seem that elk in North American is something completely different from moose - however in Europe we call our smaller version of the moose... elk! :-) I don't know what we call the North American elk...?
I have completely forgotten to check in here for a while, sorry! It sounds like you have had a great holiday and exciting plans for the future!!
I am sure that you will miss Kenya though, my friend who lived there for two years is always very nostalgic about her life in Africa. Are you planning to go back in the near future or this is it?