Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i'm on my way

today is my last day in nairobi and my last day at work and i am remembering that i really do hate good-byes. and not for the reasons that most people do. i just hate that they are so drawn out and people insist that they 'have to see you' before you go (and you have been here for nearly 2 years, for the love of god!) and everyone says 'but, why?' in this most annoying voice. yes, i live in kenya, but i am not from kenya. i do have a home, people!

but i have scheduled pick up at 7:30pm, have checked in online (hello window seat and sweet dreams all the way to london!), and have managed to get my runny nose under control so i do not infect all those around me with a nasty aeroplane bug. ew.

and hello, also, to heathrow terminal 3 and its delights. terminal 3 is my favourite of the terminals and perhaps i will replace my tried and tested birkenstocks (i am such a hippy who is in drastic need of a fashion overhaul, but hello also to europe this summer!) with something more fashionable.

i love travelling. i hate saying good bye. and i am more than a little excited to go home and see my fam (and my one-eyed dog) (oh, and my fluffy cat) (and all other north american novelties, which i could least at length but will save that for later).



Anonymous said...

we can hardly wait to see you too!

kristen said...

Good luck and have fun in terminal 3. I also hate the long and drawn outness of goodbyes.

Enjoy home and wedding dress shopping and all the luxuries of Calgary. I hope it isn't under water when you get there.

(and wave to Ottawa on your way over)

Sara said...

YAYYYY!! see you tomorrow at arrival gate C at the YYC (i assume it arrival gate C because it is always arrival gate C, but don't worry i will check to make sure it is arrival gate C when i get there)

La Cabeza Grande said...

Bon voyage, Lu! On to the next phase of your life. Pack lightly.