Monday, May 28, 2007

3 girls and a peacock

(may 27, 2007)

friday was one of those nights. the ones that we will talk about for years, when one of us says, ‘…and the night of the peacock…’ and the rest of us will burst into laughter and add on to the story with sentences that all start with ‘and then…’ and will be finished with any of the following:

‘…you dropped off the booze so we could catch up,’
‘…you sang karaoke in front of 80 people,’
‘…you pulled the peacock out of your purse,’
‘…we were told to take our peacock off the dj booth,’
‘…we made friends with the soldiers,’
‘…we got people to rub the peacock for luck,’
‘…you met the owner of the bar and convinced him to leave,’
‘…i realised i forgot my keys after i got home,’
‘…the peacock got heavy so we had to trust the barstaff to care for him so we could dance,’
‘…we sent text messages professing our love of long hair, ireland, and one another,’
‘…we thought the bar was ours, and in so many ways, it was,’
‘…i didn’t get out of bed until the afternoon,’
‘…you went out dancing until 4am,’
‘…you made it home, but aren’t sure how,’
‘…we had to retrieve the peacock the next day.’

the kind of night that will live in our shared memory. 3 girls ending it the way it all began 7 months ago. it will be a time in our lives that is bookended with studman shots and a free-gift-with-purchase statue of a peacock. a lot of laughter, smatterings of frustration, small adventures, coffees, teas, and cakes, endless conversation, and tragic loss punctuate these months and a quick mention of the peacock will bring it flooding back. because it was one of those nights.


Leigh Anne said...

wow, it sounds like we all need a little peacock in our lives!

kristen said...

sounds like one of those nights that was completely worth the morning after.

La Cabeza Grande said...

Totally awesome story! Every girl should have that kind of "top of the world" adventure! I know I do.