Thursday, May 24, 2007

some difference

my boss and i facilitated a training session today on the health care of trafficked persons and the feedback we got?

- one participant asked me to visit him at his place of employment
- one participant asked me to visit his village with him
- one respondent wrote 'the facilitators are very beautiful and knowledgeable' on the post training questionnaire

and that, my friends, is what you call making a difference.


kels said...

well you are both beautiful and knowledgeable...cant blame him for telling the truth! hee hee

K said...

perhaps you need to refer to the latest dooce post...especially the last part that reveals that the jump from teenager to man is "every other minute"

lu said...

kels - he was a she... but kind nonetheless. just makes me wonder what they expect from training sessions!

k - hahaha!

thephoenixnyc said...

hahaha very cute