Thursday, May 17, 2007


(may 15, 2007)

one thing that rather annoys me about people is when they talk about how busy they are. i know that when i talk about how busy i am, it is usually because i have nothing else to say or that i am actually not as busy as i could be because i still have time to discuss the intricacies of how busy i am.

but lately, i have been busy.

the working until 9:00pm, the working on weekends, and the forgetting to eat lunch busy. the busy where i wake up and think about what i have to do in the course of the day and the busy where i put my head down on my pillow only to open my eyes what feels like minutes later in the exact same spot.

i have really enjoyed the work i have had the opportunity to do lately. i am learning a lot about project development and i am delighted that the work i have done over the past months is going to be useful and leave a lasting impact on the organisation and its beneficiaries.

but this busy-ness has caused my immune system to go on leave and i have been battling this cold/cough/upset stomach for a few weeks and i am debating taking a day off tomorrow so that i can rest and recuperate but i am not good at resting and recuperating and i get bored of being sick very quickly. i usually believe my mom’s age-old advise that you will feel better if you just get up and go out but this time i am wondering if i just need to slow down.

*may 17th, 2007*
i took the day off, i went to the doctor, i found out i have a sinus infection, i reserved my flight to egypt, i went home and rested and rested and rested some more. feeling a little better now and although i liked the doctor and his prescription of anti-biotics AND eucalyptus oil, i don't know about his prescription for 2 thin layers of clothing (1 tucked in), warm feet, and no wet hair. just seems like old wives' tales but i will abide because i am done with being sick.

in my rest, i managed to finish The Birth House by Ami McKay and you should too.


kristen said...

I'm glad you took some time off. There are definitely days that just getting up and getting going makes you feel better, but there are also those times that your body (and mind?) just needs rest.

My question to you- can you have wet hair in the shower at least? ;-)

lu said...

i tried the no wet hair thing but due to the fact that i have not had a hair cut in over 4 months, it is a bit much to dry it everyday. call me lazy but i really hate drying my hair. i think the rest helped though!