Sunday, June 03, 2007

addis ababa

funny, the internet in ethiopia won't let me look at my blog. damned repressive government.

maybe they found out i stole a robe from the sheraton hotel.

regardless, i still love this country and will write more about how lovely the machiatos are, how cheap the hair cuts are, how wonderful the pizza is, how fascinating the museums are, how clean the streets are, and how safe i feel.


kristen said...

ooh...i bet the coffee is goooood in ethiopia.

ps-i thought of you and the guy breezing by you in his work clothes and umbrella when i was running and saw a guy who had written "catch me if ya kenyan" on the back of his shirt. (wow that is a poorly written my defense, it is monday morning)

Sara said...

i love your total visitors ticker tape thing. how long has that been there? have i been oblivious? apparently the race is on between canada and the uk.
oh, not a competition you say...well i like to for now...go uk go, go uk go!

ps-glad to hear you had such a great time. i want details on this stolen bath robe.

lu said...

the coffee is sooooooo goooooooood in ethiopia and it costs about 15cents for a capuccino. i know i keep going on about how cheap things are there, but it really was a shock coming from nairobi where life can be pricey.

su, where have you been? oh yeah, trapped at your old spirit-sucking job where they wouldn't let you access to my blatherings (is that a word?) on this site. it has been there a few weeks and used to be all pretty and pink until they took away the good parts and want me to pay for them. ummmm.... no.

and go uk go!

details on the stolen bath robe to come. i wore it this morning and it was heavenly having my morning coffee in it.