Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i've only got time for a list

  • i saw a store called Guns & Cameras the other day in town, clever name
  • i am leaving this sunday for egypt and am not properly mentally prepared
  • i have to go to mombasa for work on friday. not many people can really say that. i wish i were more excited.
  • the day of the african child is this saturday, an african union day to commemorate protesting children killed in soweto, south africa during apartheid. so ummmm.... think of the african children.
  • they are cleaning computers in the office next to mine with what sounds like a leaf blower, it makes me want to bang my head against the wall
  • i joined facebook and i think it was responsible for my bleak mood yesterday, more to come on this
  • smooks made me laugh out loud about the crops today. man, i miss lady time
  • there are suspicions that the bomb in nairobi was intended to be detonated at the airport, not exactly what i wanted to hear, good thing i am getting out of here for awhile (although via the airport...)
  • this might explain why there has been more violence in nairobi lately, i hope that it ends soon even though it is an election year
  • i went to a war cemetary on the weekend and it is quite possibly the nicest park i have been to in nairobi, perhaps one of the only parks i have been to in nairobi
  • my leky (as my scottish flatmate calls it) has been on the fritz recently and i spent saturday evening wrapped in blankets on my patio, drinking tea, and watching an electrical storm with a soldier
  • pieces of advice given to me recently: 'play dumb' & 'honesty is always the best policy except for now'
  • my cousin was passing through nairobi this past weekend (not many people can say that either) and we got to have breakfast. no maple syrup or bottomless coffees, but it was great to catch up.


Sara said...

i promise to think of the children. or should i say " sir yes sir, i promise". hahaha

lu said...

haha, very funny.

roger that.

don't get ambushed on the way to complete your task or your admin.

kels said...


Sara said...

affimative, she said soldier. roger that, and a 10-4.
no ambush on my tasks for my admin. roger again.
haha, i am hilarious.

lu said...

you are hilarious. i got some new ones, i will try them out soon.