Tuesday, April 15, 2008


(april 15, 2008)

i am trying something new, it is called Thinking Positively. i understand your shock and horror at the revoluntionariness of this idea, i approached it in quite the same way. (trepidation and anxiety? oh yeah)

i just finished a job application for a job that i really want, partly because it is what i want to do (or what i think i want to do) and the other part because if i could get a position like this, it would open up doors for all time (or at least that is how i see it from the outside). and partly (because who are we kidding, this stuff is important), it would allow me to afford a car (with red plates).*

besides, who can argue with protecting the refugees? and i do love me a refugee.**

the newfound positive part comes from being quite confident in my application and deciding to send this one out to the universe with some positive energy. and that i no longer have to stress that i am a University Graduate (and grad school at that) in my cover letter and by the sounds of my application i am actually able to Do Something. not that matters much in this field; there are a lot of people who i have been as yet unable to ascertain What They Do.

and, i nearly forgot, you will soon be able to google my name and come up with more than that photo that makes me look like i am pregnant (seriously, try it – and if you think that is bad, you should see the FULL PAGE version that appeared in the magazine) as my name will appear in published research. yay. unless you are a stalker and then, not yay.

could this newfound positive energy come from the impending trip to south africa, you might find yourself asking. and yes. it does.***

*yowsa, that is a lot of (), lo siento pero es muy facil a leer, no?

**wow, that is wildly inappropriate and makes me reconsider my public sense of humour. yet, i leave it.

***remember when your grade 7 teacher told you not to start sentences with And? well, she was wrong.

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