Thursday, April 03, 2008

sick day numero uno

(march 31, 2008)

i have a backlog of posts, so these will be posted at strange times, if you haven’t already noticed.

i am having a sick day today. so far, i have gone to the bank, gone to the post office, gone to one cafe that has wireless until that wifi (or weefee as one european woman called it, which made me giggle) conked out, then came to this second cafe until this wifi conked out. and now i will head to a market to get some fresh veg then home. not a bad way to spend the day. especially a monday.

but seriously, sick again? this is getting ridiculous. i didn’t go to the doctor this time and just self-prescribed a steam inhalation as that is exactly what my doctor would have stressed anyway. i must say, it worked quite well. but the sheer amount and colour of the stuff coming out of my head is disgusting. i am hopeful it is nearly over. but if not, i could handle another sick day...

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La Cabeza Grande said...

Seriously, every time I read "wifi" I'm going to hear "weefee!"

I'm sorry your ill again. So is a friend of mine. I told him to steam and irrigate his sinuses too. Gross, but it works.