Thursday, April 03, 2008

sick day numero dos

(april 1, 2008)

i am at home again today. i am actually feeling guilty about it and have debated going in for a half day, just to contend with the emails that i know are waiting for me after being out of the office last week. but then i reminded myself that i am allowed to be sick and i am allowed to get better before i go back to work.

i feel a lot better but am still coughing and am mostly afraid of giving this to my officemates like i did last time. funny that the thing keeping me out of the office again today is the fear of getting others sick rather than the need to get healthy myself.

i need to learn how to be sick. and how to be healthy.

at least this gives me the opportunity to gently coach my interim housekeeper on how not to ruin more of my clothes and break my dishes. did i just write that sentence? yes. and more importantly, i meant it.


K said...

maybe you should invest in a "neti pot"

lu said...

coincidentally, i made a make-shift neti pot after i saw it on oprah when i was home for christmas and loved it!