Monday, April 07, 2008


(april 4, 2008)

i am going to punch the next naysayer in the mouth. i am sitting in a place of great change, great uncertainty, and great hope. and often, when i have told people about potential choices regarding my career or about my relationship or about my plans, they find it difficult to understand or to appreciate why i am about to make the upcoming changes. and some people reply with only the perceived negative aspects about how things will be difficult, things will be expensive, things will be irretrievable. and if you know me, you know that i have thought of every possible downside to making these decisions. and then some. i am already getting sick of hearing such negative attitudes and doubt.

if i decide to tell you what it is that i think i might do or not do next, do me a favour and do not tell me the first negative thing that pops into your mind. think of one positive thing to say and then we can get to talking about the nitty gritty and the challenges inherent in any decision and address them constructively. but at the very least, can we start that conversation with one positive phrase?



Anonymous said...

i know you are making the right decision! xoxo

kristen said...

if it makes you happpyeeeeeeee
it can't be that baa-aa-aa-aad.

seriously though...your life, your decisions, you have to live it, not them. (and does this have something to do with the thing that made me suggest a certain podcast a few months ago? in which case, it definitely can't be that bad...)

La Cabeza Grande said...

You are an intelligent, thoughtful, amazing life adventurer. What you do with those gifts is completely up to you.

Peace, Lu.

lu said...

mmmm... podcast?? i need a reminder? i am afraid i have been podcastless for awhile so probably didn't have the chance to listen to it.

thanks momsy, you are pretty much the best.

lu said...

one too many ? in my last comment - whoops!