Thursday, April 10, 2008

a real must see

i watched the move War Dance last night and it was so incredible that i have to write about it and insist that you go out and find yourself a copy.

perhaps i out the one who is out of the loop here, because apparently it was nominated for an oscar. and so it should have been.

the movie is timely too, as there is great hope that the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), Joseph Kony, in uganda will sign a peace agreement with the government of uganda in southern sudan today.

but back to the movie. it is fantastic. i cried. but the good kind of tears. the happy kind. the real kind because the people in the movie, Nancy, Dominic, and Rose are still kids kicking around northern uganda, living with the circumstances of being children of a warzone, but also finding joy and healing in music, dance, and theatre. sounds trite, but the movie is not.

it is just so good.

it is also a peek into life in africa and life in a displacement camp. celtel advertisements, jerry cans, matatus as the form of transport. a lot of this has just become so normal to me, but i think it is a good glimpse into real life in africa and not just the wars and exportable tourist stuff. it is not negative, it just is.


kels said...

i love a good movie recommendation...and will keep my eye out for it.
Are you feeling any better?

lu said...

why yes, thank you. still not 100% though, but need to be in one weeek to fly to south africa!