Saturday, November 28, 2009

when fantasy and reality collide

my trips to windsor and toronto are all booked up.  already, my schedule is full.  a meeting with colleagues.  a 2 day forum on trafficking.  a christmas party.  a date.  a brunch.  a lot of talking, no doubt.  yay. 

yay in a way that i still cannot comprehend and now it seems weird to say too much because where i used to make jokes about things that i never thought would happen, they have all of a sudden become my personal life.  and the personal life of someone else, which was always my policy not to blog about.  read between the lines, if you like.

and i realised that i never did update you on the status of my trip this christmas.  i'm currently in the stages of preparing for a 12 day roadtrip around ireland with a girlfriend.  i am most looking forward to staying in a posh hotel for christmas eve, the christmas lunch, drinking guinness, and meeting irish people (including a former coworker who has invited us to stay with her in cork!).  the part that i am not so looking forward to is the dent this is going to be putting in my pocketbook.  and learning how to drive standard on the other side of the road!


k said...

oh no you do NOT have a date....(that's me being a 13 year old girl :) sounds like a great trip- i hope you have a great time with all of your activities.

lu said...

i do, i do, i do!! honestly, do these things really happen to people?!

k said...

well- they happen to you, and you're i guess the answer to that is yes.

La Cabeza Grande said...

"Lu's Fabulous Life!" These things don't just happen *to* you. You've put things in motion to make them possible.