Wednesday, November 25, 2009

keeping it safe

i took an internet and social networking security workshop yesterday at my office and i learned a few things that i thought i would share in case they are useful to anyone else.
  • do not post status updates about your whereabouts, especially if you are going to be out of town.  in fact, the police will now ask you if you posted online if you would be away when they investigate break and enters.
  • never use third party application in facebook, they do not have to follow any rules set by facebook and can have harmful effects on your computer or system.
  • make sure you have anti-virus software installed AND that it is turned on.
  • banks have decreased their liability for covering fraudulent charges with the new chip and pin cards, so you should be exceptionally protective of your pin (unlike i was today during a visa purchase when i had to look up my pin and was obtuse about making obvious what i was doing).
  • have other manners of communicating with your contacts so that if you social networking site is hacked into and someone claims to be you, you can clarify it immediately before money is sent or your reputation is damaged.
  • set up a google alert for your name so you will be notified if anything new is posted on the internet about you.  this goes along with googling yourself to see what is out there (especially important to those of us dating or looking for a job, because you know they are doing it too!)
  • you do not own any of the material posted on facebook (and most other social networking sites), including wall posts, photos, and videos.
  • if you would like something removed from facebook or youtube because it has you in it, just email the company and they will likely have it removed rather than have to deal with lawsuits.
  • canada's privacy laws are making it difficult for facebook as they have to change some of their practices to be in compliance with our systems and laws.
some of it seems pretty simple, but a few of them i had never thought of before.  if you get the chance to take such a workshop, i do recommend it.

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Anne said...

Thank you! Much appreciated.