Sunday, November 15, 2009

a full two days

please forgive the cryptic list, but i had a fantastic weekend and included the following things, in no particular order and sometimes concurrently:
  • a date at the farmer's market
  • a drink with my parents and a catch up with their friends
  • an exboyfriend siting
  • a rip around town in a gorgeous bmw
  • late night bottle of wine with a newer friend who i know will be a long time friend
  • celebrating one of my oldest friend's birthday
  • running into an old high school friend and it wasn't even awkward
  • a massage that hurt it was so good
  • chilling out with my bros
  • brunch with 3 lovely ladies and delicious huevos rancheros made by hand from scratch
  • covert actions to determine the source of missed calls
  • a job application for a research position
  • helping someone tame their crazy
  • a gift of a small christmas tree and gorgeous roses
  • confirmation that i have a table for 10 to fill for stephen lewis and jian ghomeshi
  • text messages from former gentleman suitors


k said...

The farmer's market seems like a perfect spot for a date!

I've been listening to the Q podcast and following Jian on twitter and I'm really jealous about your evening with him and Stephen Lewis. I'd pay for a spot at your table if I was there...

lu said...

well there is still a spot left and it is your for free if you would like it!

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

Can I fight Kristen for the spot you have left? I know she could whip me, but I am at least in the right city:)

lu said...

sandra, let me get back to you by wednesday if it hasn't been filled by anyone at work!

k said...

I'm a lover, not a fighter...but I suppose with the motivation of a spot at the table I might be able to "bring it". Hopefully it works out an you can go because I'm definitely in the wrong place!