Wednesday, November 18, 2009

still asking for what i want

over a month ago, i found a conference in canada on human trafficking that i thought looked interesting and i brought it to the attention of my supervisors at my part-time position.  she said our organisation would not be represented, but i was free to go on my own accord.

this morning, i got an email from the organiser of the conference saying that i had been recommended by my supervisor to attend the conference as there had been additional funding received from the federal government to have more organisations represented and they could now pay for me to go.

i am excited to go to the conferece, excited to do some more of that networking thing, but not so excited to go to windsor, ontario!  i know a lot of people all over the country, but none that i can think of in windsor!  i don't even know where the city is or what it has (apart form some ancient auto factories, i would assume), but i feel pretty lucky to be going and see it as another great opportunity.


Riena said...

Well, if you don't even know where it is, it's time you found out. Exploring a new corner of the world is always educational, whether it be Paris or some little hamlet on the prairies. All your hard work is definitely paying off for you.

liz said...

I don't know if you know of anyone who would be interested in this, but someone on my facebook posted "Karo is offering a $50,000 Creative Services grant to a Calgary-based non-profit who wishes 're-brand'" and thought you might know someone who would be interested. That's all :)