Monday, November 23, 2009

give it to the universe

it turns out that i am going to do better than i thought with my eight for twenty eight goals that i set earlier this year.  the one that i wasn't going to do as well as i had hoped was # 7 - visit friends who live in other places.

but it turns out that i get to experience more success with this goal than i previously expected because when i go to the conference on human trafficking in windsor, ontario next week, i have to fly through toronto and it just makes sense to stick around after the conference and visit with three of my favourite people who happen to live there.  one is a friend from high school (although we weren't actually friends in high school), one is her lovely boyfriend, and the other is my former boss who has since become a sort of mentor.  it promises to be a fantastic visit, no matter what we do.

this does mean that i will have to miss out on some fun back here in calgary, but i think it will be worth it to spend some additional time in the t dot.  and i am giving this one to the universe and i am confident that there is a reason i am going, even if i won't find out until later.

and if a certain someone decides to reply to my email then there might also be a rendezvouz of sorts in the big city.  that would be grand, just grand.


k said...

i certainly hope a certain someone DOES reply to your email. all this mention of toronto...

too bad you aren't coming to o-town, but hopefully i'll see you in calgary before you leave.

lu said...

you and i are BOTH hoping for a reply and soon! sheesh, what does a girl have to do around these parts to get a media personality's attention (again)??

and yes, we should be able to meet up before i leave!

lu said...

an email! an email! an email! now let's just hope that schedules align.