Sunday, November 22, 2009

looking into the crystal ball

my girls and i had our monthly ladies' night last night and this time, to make it a little more interesting, we invited a psychic to join us and to do readings while we enjoyed our wine and tarts.  here is what she said:
  • i should be a teacher or be teaching people, that is what i am here to do
  • i will be moving to toronto in march or april and it will be for a job
  • i try to be a master of whatever i choose to do
  • i will likely go back to school to do a phd and this will be somewhere in eastern canada
  • i might not have children because my life will revolve around my career and my husband
  • my future is very positive
  • my life will have many recurring patterns, a number of endings and beginnings
  • my emotional health is good now and to keep it good, i should always exercise
  • whoever i am meant to marry is in toronto and i am supposed to meet him next fall and it might be someone from my past, someone i have met a few years ago
  • my brothers are going to be aok, even though one will experience various challenges, but he will just need us to let him know we care
and what do i think about all this stuff?  that much of what i heard made a lot of sense and makes me happy and excited about the future.  i think that i would like to have a family one day so i am doubtful that i would focus only on my career and not have children.  and i am not too sure what was going on with me marrying someone i already know because i really cannot think of someone i already know (unless of course we are talking about a certain someone that i met last week!) and the flip side of that is that i will meet someone next fall, but that just feels so far away!

going back to uni, getting a phd, and becoming a professor though?  absolutely!  i would love to and i think that being a form of a teacher or sharer of wisdom sounds like a good life plan for me.

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