Sunday, May 31, 2009

running queries

when you get the shivers and goosebumps when you run, does that mean that you are overheating? what do you do to stop this or prevent it? this has been happening to me in my last few runs and it is rather worrisome because shivers and chicken skin don't seem to be a natural reaction to running in the sun and heat, so something must be up.

any tips how to make your hands stop swelling up while you run? mine have been doing this and then i try and put them over my head to get the blood to move back to my body (this seems sensible when i do it, but not so sensible when i write it out!) and out of my upper extremities, but it doesn't last.


k said...

Goosebumps and chills when running in the sun and heat can be signs of dehydration or could be a sign of your body not being able to cool itself properly. Did you have water with you? Were you feeling like you were overheating?

My hands sometimes swell when I run too. I find that it is most common in the heat when I'm sweating a lot and I sometimes wonder if it is a sign that my electrolyte balance is a little off. I'm a really salty sweater (reading that as the kind of sweater you wear makes me giggle) so I think it usually happens to me when I'm replenishing my fluids but not my electrolytes.

I hope that is helpful.

Heather said...

If you don't bring water, I suggest maybe you do in the summer, even if you aren't running more than an hour, in the heat you should. You can put water in one bottle and some watered down sports drink in the other, and then little water belts that are around are pretty easy to get used to.

Are you making fists when you run? I realized that I was holding my hands too stiffly when I ran and they swelled up like crazy. Now, I'm a little more relaxed and they don't get as bad. But they still swell, and I'm pretty sure I can't help it.

lu said...

i knew you two ladies would have some good tips!

i think i am generally dehydrated so this could be a factor and i might try having something with electrolytes while i run and just drinking more water before runs (and during and between...) to maintain a higher level of hydration.

and i am quite interested to see what happens when i run in sfo because it might be nice to run without the altitude and dryness of the yyc, but also difficult if it is warmer and sunnier than i am used to.


Sandra said...

My hands really swell up when I'm hiking in the summer and I think it's because my lymph system isn't able to get the fluid back to my heart as fast as it needs to with a higher heart rate. I just hook them in the straps of my pack to try and help out with the whole gravity thing...but that won't help you with running. It's a possible explanation though.