Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my time on the rock, booked

i've printed my ticket to go to alcatraz, i have narrowed potential spas down to 3, and i have booked my hotel (recommended in my guidebook, unbeknownst to me before i made the reservation). i am excited to go to san francisco! i just need someone to drive me to the airport and i will be fully sorted.

this is good because in a moment of overwhelmption earlier today, i decided to count down the number of days until i leave and it is only 14 days. that would not be such a big deal if i weren't going to thailand 2 weeks after returning and spending 3 of those interim days at a work function in lake louise!

but it is all good and i am really looking forward to the next month (and entirely missing the calgary stampede this year)!

1 comment:

S said...

overwhelmption just may be my new favorite word! Have fun in San Fran.